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Le St-Martin Hôtel & Suites

is a four star hotel located at the entrance of the city of Bromont in the beautiful Eastern Townships region. Whether you are looking for a standard room or a suite, you will stay in a warm, luxurious atmosphere. A lavish continental breakfast buffet is served daily free of charge to hotel guests.

Located in a vacation destination, a multitude of packages are available to enjoy the attractions of the region. Whether a ski, golf, gourmet, spa, entertainment, water slides or zoo package, we can offer you them at a more favorable price. Taking a trip in the beautiful region of Bromont is a must.

Eating together as a family ! A gift that lasts a lifetime !

How many times a week do you sit down and eat together as a family? 1,2,7,14? Ideally, we would like it to be as often as possible. Understandingly, with everybody's busy lifestyles and distractions, it is not always easy to find the time and opportunities to do so. Let's remember that the simple pleasure of sitting down and savoring a meal with the children is another way telling them '' I love you'', ''you are important to me '' .

In my plate, there is ...

Generally, eating homemade meals allows choosing a greater variety of colorful and healthy foods.

One thing is for sure, whether they are tumultuous or hilarious you'll cherish these moments as great family celebrations ! Patience is key ! With time, eating together will help strenghten family connections.

What would you say to a good breakfast at St-Martin ? Chances are, you'll enjoy their delicious food, and have a wonderful time making family memories.